Advanced Membership,

Zone Technique Certification


To become Zone Technique Certified you will need to:

  • Be a current member of Zone School
  • Watch all fountational videos
  • Watch a minimum of 8 hours of your 33 hour training library
  • Schedule a Certification Call

Once you are offically certified, we will add you to our list of certified practitioners and also send you a certification of completion.

Stay Connected

Zone Technique Advanced Membership

Once you become Zone Technique Certified, you will be eligible to join our Advanced Membership where you will receive:

  • Continued access to Sunday Live training Q&A
  • Monthly advanced Live training where Dr. Pete goes into higher metaphysics
  • Access to our best recorded Advanced Live trainings for as long as you are enrolled in advanced program
  • Advanced Zone Technique Certification call with Dr. Pete (after 6 months in the program)



The Zone School of Healing Mastermind

An exclusive opportunity for only 12 people per year which includes:

  • 3 Private Weekend Live Events for only the 12 members in the Mastermind
  • 12 monthly one on one private video call sessions with Dr. Pete for each of the 12 Mastermind members
  • Access to Live Event Recordings
  • Membership to the Zone School Advanced Program for 1 Year