Dr. Peter Goldman

Founder of Zone Technique
And Zone School of Healing

Trusted by Happy Patients & Practitioners all over the World

“After 110 professional fights I had surgery on my neck for a herniated disc but never really recovered and I was always in pain. After a couple of treatments with Dr. Peter Goldman, I was as good as new. I met in my career many healers, and Dr. Pete is by far the most simple and effective healer I have met, and I have been around believe me. In my book, Dr. Peter Goldman is # 1.”

— Rob Kaman, Kickboxing & Muay Thai World Champion

“You almost feel euphoric after his sessions” — Gilbert Melendez, MMA World Champion


“Dr. Peter Goldman is an amazing chiropractor who produces amazing results. He has saved my career multiple times and has done so for MANY other people that I know — he truly has the golden healing touch.” — Denny Prokopos, Jiu-Jitsu World Champion


“Dr. Peter Goldman is the reason that I’m still competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and NoGi—he makes miracles with his techniques.” — Sergio Silva, NoGi World Champion


“Pete is all I need to keep my back strong and pain-free.” — Eddie Bravo, Jiu-Jitsu Legend

Dr. Pete with his longtime client Nick Diaz

Dr. Peter Goldman with his longtime client Nick Diaz

Article on Dr. Pete in Total Prestige Magazine


Dr. Peter Goldman was born and raised in New York City.

Before going to chiropractic school at Life College of Chiropractic in Georgia, he was a student-athlete at Brandeis University, where he played varsity tennis for four years and graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics.

During his time in chiropractic school, Dr. Peter Goldman was mentored by a chiropractor who himself had been a student of the legendary healer Dr. Thurman Fleet. After training with this mentor, Dr. Peter Goldman refined what he’d been taught and developed his own Zone Technique.

Dr. Peter Goldman is the personal chiropractor to many of the world’s top professional athletes, from UFC fighters, to NFL and NHL players, pro cyclists, and Olympians. Some of Dr. Pete’s clients: Nick Diaz, BJ Penn, Rickson Gracie, Bas Rutten, Lucia Rijker, Bruce Gradkowski, Clark Gracie, Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, Justin Tuck, Rob Kaman, Casey Morton, Kron Gracie, Eddie Bravo, Rigan Machado, Andrew Talansky, Cesar Gracie.

Dr. Peter Goldman was also the team Chiropractor for the San Francisco Bulls pro hockey team.

Dr. Pete does not just work with elite athletes. He also works with clients of all types, from pregnant women to small children, and anyone who needs to heal.

His work has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Black Belt Magazine, and Massage & Bodywork Magazine.

Dr. Peter has a black belt in Oyama Full Contact Karate from the legendary Soshu Shigeru Oyama. In 1991, he represented the USA in the European Full Contact Karate championships in Holland.

Dr. Peter Goldman is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Carlos Sapão.

Watch in-depth interview with Dr. Peter Goldman on MSCS Media

Watch in-depth interview with Dr. Pete on MSCS Media

More on Dr. Pete

More on Dr. Peter Goldman

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Dr. Peter Goldman’s Healing Results

I went to Dr. Pete Goldman in a tremendous amount of pain. I was a little skeptical if he could even help me at all. My back was in bad shape and I could barely do everyday activities such as dressing myself. He made me feel comfortable and in only one session, he got me walking normally immediately and without any pain. He made a believer out of me really quick. I was amazed.

Kenny Florian

UFC veteran

Albert Lim, Jiu Jitsu athlete from Malaysia, traveled all the way to the USA just to get Zone sessions from Dr. Pete. These quickly saved his career as well as the careers of many of his friends in Malaysia who also traveled to see Dr. Pete. He talks about it here on this Grappling Central Podcast interview. Give a listen:

Myself and my family have been patients of Dr. Peter Goldman for approximately 5 months. In that time I have observed very significant changes in my overall health as well as my family’s health.

Historically I was troubled with chronic sinus infections and fatigue. Since I’ve been treated by Dr. Goldman I haven’t had one infection and in fact when I noticed the first signs of feeling ill, I would get an adjustment and get immediate relief. My immune system is stronger and I feel more emotionally stable and invigorated.

My 17 year old daughter has been treated not so much for physical pain, but rather psychological stress. Her anxiety and mood fluctuations are significantly diminished and her overall state of mind is significantly improved.

And finally my husband saw Dr. Peter Goldman for knee and neck problems. No longer do I hear him complain about pain that was preventing him from doing the simplest physical tasks. After the very first treatment he felt a miraculous change.

After many many years and much time, we finally found a real doctor, he delivers what he says and I believe his ability to heal goes way beyond the traditional chiropractic model. Dr. Peter Goldman is special and I highly recommend him to anyone sincerely committed to change and well being because that is definitely what you can count on getting.

Jackie W.

When I went to see Dr. Peter Goldman I was experiencing significant digestion problems, lack of energy, and severe back pain to the point that some days I found it very difficult to stand up straight and walk. After seeing Dr. Peter for a short period all of these problems started to diminish. The end result is in less than a few months I had no back pain, perfect digestion, and developed a better outlook on life. I feel young, energetic, and healthy. I had been to chiropractors before but these problems remained. It was not until Dr. Pete started adjusting me and educating me about Zone Healing that I found very gratifying results.


Dr. Pete, what can I say my friend, aside from thank you? When I first started coming to you I was suffering from Acid Reflux Disease and it seemed my health was a mess and not going to get any better. I was told by numerous doctors that I had a condition that would be with me all my life and that the most that I could expect was temporarily relief through the use of medications. After years and years of trying different medications I nearly gave up hope on being healthy again. Luckily, I heard about Zone Healing. Almost instantaneously after 1 visit I could feel the effects of Zone Healing beginning to take effect. After a month of Zone Healing my heartburn and stomach pain was now gone and I feel 100% better. I can now exercise regularly (something I could not do before) and sleep normal without having to wake up daily with heartburn and indigestion.

Zone Healing has been nothing short of a miracle and I thank you for taking the time out each visit to work with me so that I could get better and better. You and Zone Healing are a life saver and I recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

Tony N

Before being worked on by Dr. Peter Goldman, I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for 2 years. I was on daily medication for these conditions for a year and a half. I had tried all of the recommended natural remedies because I did not like the thought of having so many extra chemicals in my body. Nothing but pharmaceuticals seemed to work. He said that Dr. Peter Goldman had done in a short amount of time and without medication or surgery what western medicine had failed to do with two surgeries. He had saved my boyfriend’s career. I was very skeptical, I had always been taught that the only possible solutions for anxiety were therapy and medication.

While in San Francisco for a visit, I was adjusted by Dr. Peter Goldman. I figured I might as well give it a try because my boyfriend could not sing his praises loud enough. As soon as he was finished with the adjustment, I felt better than I had in years. My mind felt relaxed and at ease. Not only did he take care of the anxiety but he helped with my blood sugar levels and ability to sleep. After two 5 minute visits, I have not had any anxiety or panic attacks and all other problems have disappeared. If anything were ever to arise again, I would not hesitate flying to San Francisco to be adjusted by Dr. Peter Goldman.

Annie W.

For about two years now I have been going to Dr. Pete and have never felt healthier. Before my treatments I suffered from allergies, colds, neck aches, and a lot more. Today I feel great all the time. Thanks Dr. Pete for all of your help.

Zach Z.

I have had psoriasis for 34 years, I had an outbreak over 90% of the body. I was my own worst nightmare. I tried everything. I finally found “Zone Therapy”. I wasn’t sure if this was really something or a whacko thing but I felt I would stay with it for a while. After just a few months I am 97% clear. I feel great, my skin is beginning to look really great. I don’t look like “red stucco woman” anymore. I am thrilled because even the spots that have been with me for 34 years (hair, elbows, knees) are all cleared!

It is an amazing thing when the body begins to be able to heal itself!


A normal day for me was to wake up, and take my stomach medicine. During the day I usually took a lot of other over the counter antacids and sometimes up to 6 Advils a day. Not to mention I always had headaches, neck pain, fatigue, anxiety, and sinus problems. I also had endometriosis. From the first Zone Healing session I could tell a slight change. After a couple of sessions, I began to notice my energy level increasing, and I was sleeping better. I was able to relax, and indigestion rarely occurred. After a few weeks I no longer had to take my stomach medication, and I have been off it ever since. My medical doctor thought I was going to have to have laser surgery for Endometriosis, but my body has healed. Before Zone Healing, I could not go one day without being in constant pain. I was constantly medicating myself with one drug or another. Now I rarely think about taking any kind of medication. Dr. Peter Goldman and Zone Healing have changed my life.


I had suffered with Crohn’s Disease for over 40 years. I’ve seen gastroenterologists, acupuncturists, herbalists, allergists, took vitamins, minerals, herbs, potions that taste like dirt, prednisone, Sulpha drugs, pentasa, had 2 intestinal resections, was hospitalized innumerable times, missed a lot of school as a kid, a lot of fun as a teenager, spent too much time locating bathrooms I could use en route from one place to another – just in case, cancelled trips, plans, stopped eating dairy, cruciferous vegetables, chicken, eggs… and complained about the injustice of it all.

I started seeing Dr. Peter Goldman and his adjustments were unlike other chiropractor’s I had seen. My experience was either that a chiropractor cracked every bone in your neck and back with abandon, or barely touched you and called it a day. Dr. Peter’s adjustments are based on which zone in your system needs attention (check out what the “zones” are, and what organs and systems they affect on the website). Zone Healing is a far more systemic approach to chiropractic healing and therefore more far-reaching then I had ever previously experienced.

But Dr. Pete’s approach goes well beyond the physical. His confidence and belief in your ability to heal is complete, without reservation. So… cut to today: I have tons of energy, my mood is greatly improved, it’s amazing what being pain-free will do for one’s mood, and after years of negotiating around foods, I can eat whatever I like – no reactions whatsoever to any food. The other day we laughed when I recommended a restaurant to Dr. Peter Goldman and I mentioned I had a beer with my amazing spicy Thai food. My health, my life and my attitude have had made a 180.

Thanks Pete.


Let me address the skeptics first: Dr. Peter Goldman will help you to heal. His techniques really work. He really is a healer. I received a neck injury which caused the bones in the back of my neck to lose stability. I could actually move them around with my hands. This resulted in muscles spasms when I turned my head, tingling down my arms and into my fingers and tendonitis like symptoms in my elbows. This really prevented me from participating in getting any exercise. Golf, tennis, hockey, grappling and even ping-pong caused too much pain. Even driving was dangerous as turning my head to check blind spots would jolt my head back to the center and cause a lot of pain to shoot through the back of my head. I had gone to traditional doctors, gotten x-rays, and MRIs and they said it was only a bone bruise. Physical Therapy did nothing. After a year it had not changed so I was living in constant pain. I was pretty desperate when someone referred me to Dr. Pete.

I was skeptical at first of course, I had never heard of zone healing and it sounded like mumbo jumbo to me. I’m an Engineer and I come from a background where I believe in science and have always been skeptical of alternative forms of medicine. My first session with Dr Pete was less than 3 minutes. He felt my injury and told me it would be no problem. Then before I knew it, he told me I was done for the session. I walked out thinking I had just gotten ripped off, but when I woke up the next morning my neck had improved dramatically. Honestly, it was amazing. I was convinced and rushed to get more treatments.

My neck is back and now I have no problems with everyday activities. I can again enjoy playing golf, tennis, ping-pong, hockey, judo, and jiu jitsu again. Don’t forget to take a look at the zones he works on as well, you will notice that it does improve those areas as well. If you look at Dr Pete’s testimonials you can see he treats a lot of world class MMA and grappling stars so obviously his techniques work on elite athletes, but if you’re just a regular guy like me that doesn’t want to sit around watching TV all day, go see Dr. Peter Goldman and stop living in pain.

Thank you so much, Dr. Pete.

Charlie L.

I remember when I used to walk into my friend’s apartment and I had to leave within an hour. I was severely allergic to his dog. In the first twenty minutes of walking into his apartment, my eyes became itchy and watery. In about another twenty minutes which at this time both my eyes and breathing and then my itchy throat literally forced me out of his apartment or I should say his dog did. During the time that I was getting adjusted by Dr. Peter Goldman, I recall visiting my friend, with his dog, and having a decrease in my allergic reactions. It got to the point, where up to this day I do not experience the slightest allergic reactions from being around his dog, and I correlate this from being adjusted by you and gaining an understanding in Concept Therapy. Thank you


In the first few weeks, I knew I felt better in several ways; I just didn’t know exactly why. Now that I understand more, this method of healing makes complete sense. Zone Healing has contributed to a sense of wellness in myself that is real and whole.

At about the same time I began treatments with Dr. Pete for my shoulder, I had also been having congestion and a heaviness in my lungs that wouldn’t lift. I mentioned my lung congestion, he did an adjustment, and I left. That was a Sunday morning around 10, or 11AM. I recall it vividly because at approximately 3PM that afternoon I realized the entire problem had been relieved in a matter of hours. My lungs were completely clear and I knew in a very deep place inside me that I had been relieved of the problem that had plagued me for months. Not just symptomatically, but completely. I can’t explain it. I can only report it honestly.

Since then, I’ve continued with regular Zone Healing adjustments because the benefits are so evident in overall improved health and a sense of wellness that I feel at my core. I now consider this unique healing modality to be a base for consistent good health.

Here’s another recent discovery. A lifelong history of severe allergies to cats has simply disappeared. When I mentioned it to Pete he said he wasn’t surprised, as other patients over the years have told him their allergies have corrected themselves on their own following Zone Healing treatments.

I’m grateful to you, Pete.

Laura C.

Dr. Peter Goldman has changed my life in just five months. I was hit by a car when running 20 years ago and have had debilitating neck pain since. I saw several different chiropractors immediately after the accident but none of them could touch my neck pain. In the years between the accident and seeing Dr. Pete, I have tried a number of types of chiropractic, including AO, NUCCA and chiropractic neurology, have been rolfed, have done cranial sacral therapy with a number of different practitioners, have done several types of acupuncture, including cranial acupuncture and laser acupuncture, have seen osteopaths and have received other healings from healers. I even did a six-month course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Dr. Pete started with a gentle adjustment that he would, in his words, give a child. I felt better instantly and grew to trust Dr. Pete over the next few visits. I am starting to be able to do activities that I love that I had had to give up, including biking and traveling. So many good things have happened in my life since seeing Dr. Pete, but the best is this feeling of freedom. Thanks to Dr. Pete I am no longer being held back by the injuries.

Kathleen G.

I have had a severe case of psoriasis for 8+ years and generalized anxiety disorder for 3 years. I was sort of skeptical about the whole thing when I went in. After the first session, Dr. Pete explained some things to me and adjusted me. It was an eye opening experience and unique one at that. Dr. Pete has helped me a great deal with telling me how my mind works and about its relation to my body. Dr. Pete’s approach to health and his teachings has been life altering to me and has helped me both physically and mentally. Thank you Dr. Pete for this domino affect of healing and enlightenment. If it wasn’t for Dr. Pete, I would still be having many problems, but now after 3 months with Dr. Pete, I feel like a rock with a good focus on what I want to accomplish.

Thank you Dr. Pete.

Joseph R.

I had recently got out of the hospital and when I heard of Dr. Pete Goldman and his zone healing techniques. I was diagnosed with a compressed disk in my C-5 vertebrae and a pinched nerve. I had spent three days in the hospital and all the doctors were convinced that I would need back surgery. I was also told to restrict any physical activity such as weight lifting and playing sports. I was in a neck brace for a week and in terrible pain.

When I went in to see Dr. Pete the first time I left with a sigh of relief. I was able to relax my shoulders and my stiffness started to dissipate. By the end of 1.5 months I was lifting heavy weights and I am now in the best shape I have been in years. Dr. Pete’s Zone Healing really does work and if he can help me with my severe back problem, it truly is miraculous.

Thanks, Dr. Pete

Sam S.

Since I began seeing Pete over 4 years ago, my quality of life has improved both on and off the bike. He has a gift for working with professional athletes and helping our bodies recover from the strain we place on them day in and day out, helping us to maintain optimal health and fitness. With Pete’s help I have progressed from the lower ranks of professional cycling into the upper echelons of the sport

Andrew Talanksy

Road Racing Cyclist

I was committed to my full recovery. Thanks to Dr. Pete, I was able to achieve it. This is not an easy feat since my worker comp doctor already gave me a rating of 28% permanent disability after I was treated by various doctors for 2+ years.

I was injured at work after over-working and stressing too much (I am pretty type A – Stanford EE undergrad, Wharton MBA). I was a consultant for about 8 years by then and was traveling all over the place and always work in non-ergonomic conditions. I pushed and pushed and finally my body gave up. My neck, shoulder, back, arms, and hands were all swollen. I literally could not work on the computer at all without experiencing serious pain. I was diagnosed with RSI (repetitive strain injury) and had about 9 months of constant dull pain and 2+ more years of serious discomfort.

I may not have recovered 100% if it wasn’t for Dr. Pete. I came across him after being injured for 2 years. By then, I had seen 10 different kind of doctors (hand surgeon, hand therapist, a few different chiropractors, acupuncturist, biofeedback therapist, physical therapist, several massage therapist etc..) and was about 80% recovered. After getting to 80%, I plateaued and for months and couldn’t get any better. I live in SF and he was at the time in LA. We already had a trip planned to LA for my husband’s jiujitsu tournament and decided to give Dr. Pete a try. What do I have to lose? Beside, I was out of options. I literally tried everything else I could think of.

Well, it was awesome. My first session – I felt an immediate difference afterward and saw him 4 more times that trip. I continued to recover even after I came back to SF. It’s like he kick started a natural healing process in my body that no other doctor could reach. I flew back to see him two more times (a week each) while he was still in LA. While I didn’t fully understand how he helped my body to heal, what really mattered was I got results that I wanted. While none of my other doctors thought I could recover 100%, I did, with Dr. Pete’s help and my life is now pain free. I am glad I kept an open mind and people like Dr. Pete exist in this world. Thank you for everything!

Lei H

I had dislocated my patella during a Jiu Jitsu class and my instructor immediately directed me to Dr. Goldman. “Go see Dr. Pete” he said right after the injury. “Go see Dr. Pete!”.

I hesitated and saw my family practitioner instead. My doctor looked at my knee, couldn’t do anything with it and referred me to an orthopedic specialist. The specialist took a look and said, “Yup! It’s been dislocated.” He handed me a brace and ice pack and I hobbled out of his office, my wallet a few hundred dollars lighter.

That’s when I called Dr. Goldman. He scheduled me in right away, and gave me a quick exam followed by an adjustment, and the next day my swelling that had been around my knee cap was completely reduced. The knee was back to 100% a week and a half after seeing him and I was back to training again.

I still get people asking me what he did when I talk about my injury.”I really don’t know”, I tell them, “but he corrected my problem. Dr. Goldman literally fixed my knee. “I strongly recommend people with an athletic (or any other injuries for that matter) go see him. He did what 2 other doctors couldn’t, and he did it within about 20 minutes.

Khalil R.

Dr. Goldman is nothing short of amazing. Since being adjusted by him, my quality of life has soared to an all-time high, and at 45 I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I feel tremendous, and people marvel at all the energy I have.

I’d gotten adjustments from chiropractors and benefitted from it, but I never had results like this before. For someone who used to get sick every time I turned around, my immune system is absolutely incredible, and I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. Dr. Goldman even got the most stubborn plantar warts to disappear from my foot and hands without a trace,something that my dermatologist was unable to do, even after two painful sessions where she attempted to freeze them off.

In addition, I had a miraculous recovery last year following two surgeries to re-attach five rotator-cuff tendons after an injury, the orthopedists told me I’d have to get shoulder replacements. I received regular adjustments from Dr. Goldman after each surgery and healed perfectly. My surgeon still can’t get over how thoroughly and quickly I healed, and with no swelling or pain to speak of.

And the list goes on. I’ve referred many people to Dr. Goldman who’ve also had fantastic results. I feel great, and I can’t speak highly enough of him, or thank him enough for all he’s done for me.

S. George

I live in Chicago, and Adem R. my Jiu Jitsu instructor here in Chicago, experienced a serious back injury. He was unable to train, teach, and could hardly reach down and pick something up off the ground. He returned from Dr. Pete’s office in California and was training as though the injury had never happened. I was beyond amazed at what I had seen with Adem. He’d been in California for maybe a week and was now 100%. I was bit skeptical and honestly even more excited. Suffering from a neck injury that had lingered for around 6 months, I decided to fly to California to see Dr. Pete. When I arrived in California I could barely turn my head and when I looked down, I experienced a sharp pain in the upper-middle of my back. I honestly doubted that he would be able to bring me to 100% because I had been dealing with this sort of pain for so long. Dr. Pete had no doubts. After my first treatment I immediately felt about 50% better. The next day, before I even saw Dr. Pete, I felt 70% better. I was so excited I brought my entire family to see Dr. Pete! After 7 treatments my neck is 100%. I can train jiu jitsu, rock climb, swim, and lift weights again with absolutely no pain.

His commitment to helping his patients is unparalleled. I highly recommend Dr. Pete to anyone who is in need of an amazing chiropractor.

Joseph A.

I have always been a very healthy person, but after some serious personal issues, I began to have health problems. My immune system appeared to be severely compromised and I was repeatedly getting sick. Then I began to lose my hearing, developed severe vertigo/nausea and very loud tinnitus. After many visits to the ER and to traditional medical doctors, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s. The only “solution” was to take pills for the vertigo and nausea when they occurred. I was having two or three attacks each day and they came on very suddenly, thus making it difficult for me to leave my house. The vertigo would knock me flat and it would take an hour or more for the medicine to take effect. And there were unpleasant side effects. This was a truly debilitating situation.

A good friend told me about Dr. Pete and how he had helped members of her family. Since I was unwilling to just accept being labelled with Meniere’s, with no hope of improvement, I started going to Dr. Pete for adjustments. From the start, the effects were amazing. After just a few adjustments, I had more energy than I’ve had in five years. My immune system improved quickly as I have not been sick since then. But the most extraordinary thing is that all the symptoms of Meniere’s are gone. My hearing returned, the tinnitus is gone and I have not had even the slightest dizziness in months. To me, this is a miracle, but Dr. Pete says it is just getting the body aligned so it can do its job.

If any health issues arise, I will see Dr. Pete immediately and I am confident he will be able to help me.

Laurie C.

It is rare to find someone with the ability feel what is wrong and then adjust it. Dr. Goldman has that ability. He does adjustments for everything from injuries to ailments. I got instant relief from a back injury that had me layed up at the beginning of a training camp, a time when I really needed to be working full on. I had a lot of relief on the first visit and I was back training at 100 % within days. Fighters take a lot of abuse to their bodies and they need maintenance and he is the go to guy.

Jake Shields, MMA Star

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor and Instructor at Gracie Barra Chicago. Around one year ago I suffered an apparent career ending back injury that left me with herniated disks in my lower back. After visiting several chiropractors and surgeons for treatments and opinions I ended up going with a therapy called Spinal Decompression. This did help me with relieving some of my pain and getting me better to a certain point, but after 8 months of patience and physical therapy, I still never felt 100% when I would step on the mat to train. I always felt re-injury was right around the corner, and I would run into muscle spasms when I trained hard.

After reading some of Dr. Pete’s testimonials and confirming them with Kenny Florian who I saw on his website, I booked my ticket to fly out and give his procedure a shot. It was a great decision, after the first session I knew I was on the right path. Without mentioning anything about my past to him, he told me that the system that needed to be addressed was my glandular system (which I have had problems with in the past) After a few sessions I felt my back was stable and strong. It’s hard to explain Dr. Pete’s sessions, they go farther than just the adjustments that he gives. He is a true “Healer”, It was definitely worth the 5 hour flight to come see him, Thanks again Dr. Pete!!

Adem Redzovic

I had been having stiffness in my fingers for years. During the past year it has gotten worse, to the point that I could not make a fist. According to a top hand specialist in SF, it was osteoarthritis. There is no cure for that. He said that down the road, once it progresses to be unbearable, the common solution to help with the pain is fusion surgery. I was sad to find that out at the age of 34 and worried of it progressing, as I need the use of my hands, especially working as a physical therapist and practicing martial arts.

I heard about Dr. Pete from the instructor at Jiu Jitsu. I was thinking, what can a chiropractor do for my fingers?! I looked at his website and became curious. I also called Dr. Pete, he spoke with me for almost a half hour answering all my questions. I was concerned about having adjustments, thinking they would be too aggressive on my spine, having a history of neck injuries. I was also reluctant to pay for it, because I have 2 friends that are chiropractors that would treat me for free.

Somewhat hesitant, but mostly neutral in my attitude, I went to see Dr. Pete. After 2 visits I started to see improvement in the range of motion and it also started to feel less stiff. I think I went about 8 times, 1x/week. After the 6th visit, I could finally make a full fist! I hadn’t been able to do that in a few years. I was so excited. I also no longer had pain in my 4th finger, which had been very painful and swollen from an injury that happened right before I started going to Dr. Pete.

I am amazed that treatment that involves spinal adjustments and some wrist and hand adjustments can make so much of a difference. Dr. Pete is very gentle despite having such strong looking hands. He is also very intuitive and accurate. I never felt tense or worried that I might get injured. It was a revolutionary learning experience for me, as a physical therapist, thinking of the connection between pain in the extremities and spinal alignment and value of chiropractic in this connection. I would encourage anyone to try it out.


My name is Bas Rutten and I suffered from asthma and eczema from when I was 6 years old. An asthma attack would result in, at least, one week in bed. So not your ordinary asthma. I have been ‘growing over it’ because I am an athlete, but I NEVER could go to a training without my inhaler. If I would start training hard right away, my lungs would stop and I would need my inhaler. Also, I NEVER could visit people who have a dog, without using my inhaler, because I am allergic for dogs. This has been for the last 33 years, I am 39 now.

After about 5 sessions with Dr. Pete, I never used my inhaler anymore! I am allergic for dogs, well, I bought a puppy about three weeks ago for my daughters and have no feeling in my lungs what so ever!

Bas Rutten, MMA Star

A few years ago, I sustained a severe injury to my neck while training and preparing for the ADCC world championships. The injury was SO severe that I had to resort to sitting in the corner of the classroom and shouting instructions to teach my classes. I could barely turn my neck, and was unable to do even the simplest of day to day things, let alone continue to train and prepare for my upcoming competition.

I had pursued several different methods for recuperating and healing my neck, but none of them proved to be effective. Then I went to see Dr. Pete. After a SINGLE adjustment that took only minutes, my neck was miraculously 75% better than it had been. I had regained mobility in my neck, and was even able to start training again on a limited basis, immediately. I continued to see Dr. Pete once a week and within a few visits my neck was 100% healed.

Because of Dr. Pete I was able to compete in Brazil and have been fine ever since. I have continued to see Dr. Pete to help keep me performing at my peak and maximum potential and I STRONGLY recommend that anyone else does too, regardless of whether or not they are professional athletes or not.

Rigan Machado, BJJ Legend

After years of training I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in my neck. The pain was excruciating and sleeping was nearly impossible. I proceeded to see 4 different surgeons who all told me that I had no other choice than surgery. The worst part was they all said I would not be able to go back to BJJ once it had healed as the risk was too great. I spent hours of time researching but couldn’t find another solution. Living in Asia I was able to find many different types of Physio, chiropractors and other. I tried them all with no help.In tears I farewelled all my BJJ teammates on a long Facebook goodbye. A former training partner saw it and recommended Dr. Pete. I contacted him and was amazed to hear him say that he was 90% sure he could fix it. It was a huge risk but I decided to fly from Malaysia to San Francisco to see Dr Pete. A long story short Dr Pete was able to fix me in 8 days! He has such an amazingly calm demeanor about him the second you meet him. From the very first session I had confidence that I was going to heal. Since that time I have referred tons of people with all kinds of different problems including my brother and wife! Dr Pete is like no other and I cannot recommend him any more highly. I now travel through San Fran every couple of years just to see Dr Pete. He’s an amazing healer.

Rich Hutson

Dr. Peter Goldman is one of the most powerful chiropractors and healers I have ever known. I have observed him transform peoples’ lives. People come to Dr. Pete with multiple health issues and leave empowered and feeling better. Whether you have become frustrated and hopeless, or want to take your health to the next level, Dr. Pete can provide the solution with astonishing outcomes. After studying under him, the results I see in my office are better than I could have ever imagined.

Dr. Ryan Gessay, D.C.

Dr. Pete has the magic hands that help me get back on the field fast and healthy. First, it was a sprained right thumb that I couldn’t move. He fixed it in a day. Next, it was a separated shoulder that could have kept me out the whole season. He helped me recover in half that time.

Bruce Gradkowski, NFL Quarterback

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